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David Wolke

David Wolke of Austria is a multifaceted artisan known as a jeweler, bladesmith, and metalworker. Coming from a lineage of artists on both sides of his family, David was immersed in various crafts from a young age. He started making knives at 12 and began forging with fire and hammer by 14. With a technical education in automation and mechatronics, he entered the sheet metal industry and briefly worked in product development before pursuing an industrial design program. Shortly after, he founded his first forging company. Over the past 15 years, David has expanded his expertise to include wood and jewelry crafting. Recently, the Austrian government officially recognized him as an artist authorized to work with precious metals like gold and silver. With a rich blend of skills and experiences, David is now a founding member of the Gold Vein Culinary project, a distinguished creator of sole-authorship chef knives, and a versatile maker of both functional and decorative items for the home and kitchen.