SpaceEggs by Wolke



Conceived and brought to life by Austrian artist David Wolke, SpaceEggs transcend the typical functionality of the egg cup, emerging as exquisite tabletop ornaments that enhance the entire dining experience.

Crafted in either bronze or solid 925 sterling silver, these objects boast a flowing and symmetrical design, providing an elegant cradle for a soft-boiled egg—a nod to the global tradition of enjoying this culinary delight.

Produced in small batches using a specialised casting method, David brings all his skills as a jeweller and blacksmith to bear here, producing an elegant and iconic imitation.

Transitioning from David's workbench to your dining table, each SpaceEgg becomes a unique and captivating focal point inspiring and elevating your dining experience. Embrace its versatility and consider exploring imaginative uses, whether as a luxurious napkin holder or any other creative application, adding a touch of individuality to your space.