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Hado Knives

Established by the esteemed Fukui family and headed up by Yoshio Ichikawa, Hado knives represents the rediscovery of knife making for the prominent Sakai Fukui Company, which has a history in Japanese knives that extends back 6 generations. Headed by current president Motonari Fukui who sees the new Hado Knives atelier as the heart of the company’s operation and an opportunity to contribute to the rich knife making community of Japan.

With some of Japan’s most talented craftspeople involved Modern Cooking is proud to have partnered with Hado Knives to bring you several of their most exciting ranges. Forged by renowned Japanese blacksmith Yoshikazu Tanaka, the Junpaku and Sumi series knives can be considered to have an amazing foundation. However, the blades are then ground and sharpened by one of Sakai cities most talented up and coming sharpeners, Hado knives in house sharpener Tadataka Maruyama. These are certainly some of the most exciting kitchen knives to be released in recent years and we highly recommend them.