Joel Black

Joel Black is one of the most well-known and well-respected blacksmiths in the UK. His work is informed by close to 2 decades in commercial kitchens throughout the UK and France as a professional chef, giving him the knowledge and experience to design a great kitchen knife. Joel is also professionally trained with a Ba Hons Degree in Artist Blacksmithing and 7 years’ experience working in the forge, which means he also knows how to make them.

Joel produces beautiful, rustic, and unique kitchen knives with amazing performance. Only premium steels like Apex Ultra, 26C3 (Spicy White) and Sheffcut amongst others are used and his laminated steel is all produced in house.

Producing stunning Honyaki, and in house made Damascus, wrought iron and stainless clad blades along with other tasteful house made combinations. Joel’s kitchen knives are certainly some of the most beautiful, high performance cutting tools around.