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Hashimoto Shoichi

Born in Hiroshima Japan, Hashimoto Shoichi completed an arts degree at the Hiroshima City University before beginning his training as a blacksmith under master Takanori Mikami. Unlike many of the knife makers on our site Hashimoto Shoichi is an artisan blacksmith specialising in sculpture rather than a bladesmith specialising in culinary knife making.

An absolute master in forging Damascus, Hashimoto Shoichi produces some of the most incredible pattern Damascus found in the world today. He uses unique steels to produce beautiful patterns like no other blacksmith around.

His culinary knives are an absolute rarity, with production limited to only a few pieces per year. Hashimoto Shoichi is an award winning artisan craftsman who produces unique and beautiful, high performance culinary knives and sculpture from incredible in-house forged Damascus.