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Toma Fenes

Just 20 years old, Toma Fenes of Romania has been working with his hands for as long as he can remember. Beginning with small creative projects in his father’s woodworking shop, today Toma works with a vast array of unique material from wood, steel, copper, brass and stone. His work is inspired by his love of fencing, which he has pursued from the age of 12 years, training under one of Romainia’s last master sword fighters, as well as his love for medieval history, fantasy fiction, historical architecture, craftsmanship and the culinary arts.

He regularly dedicates himself to developing culinary skills including dairy products like fresh milk, Roquefort and Gorgonzola cheese, pizza making for which he even built his own custom wood fired pizza oven and other culinary endeavours.

So, it would be a little narrow to describe Toma as an artisan bladesmith, but perhaps an artisan craftsman is more fitting. He practices many different artistic disciplines from sculpture, painting and wood carving to blacksmithing and has a passion for reading, devouring books from some of the best-known authors of the 21st century.

Toma’s passion for culinary knives obviously stems from his love of food and cooking and after one of his early kitchen knives was well received by a local chef, demand began developing for his knives and he was quickly receiving orders from others. 

Toma’s one-of-a-kind kitchen knives are stunning works of art featuring classically inspired profiles, exceptional cutting performance and some of the most unique artistic flare that we have come across and, inspired by his love affair with the humble pizza, he also makes incredibly beautiful and unique pizza cutters.

Forged using traditional techniques and mostly hand tools the results are clearly inspired works of passion that will instantly feel special and encourage you to head into the kitchen. His humble workshop has inspired him to focus on mono steel blades, but not content with crafting simple satin finishes, Toma embellishes his knives with beautiful textures, fascinating and captivating hamons, inlays and other unique features that elevate theses simple mono steel blades to stunning functional artworks. Hand forged mokume, museum fit bolsters, and domed pins commonly tie these pieces together.