Lew Griffin Knives

Lew Griffin found his way to knife making after seeing the work of Bob Kramer on the late Anthony Bourdain produced Raw Craft television series. A passion for the blade had always been present, but witnessing Bob create one of his blades inspired Lew to take those first steps as a knife maker.

With experience in the steel and mining industries and an education in art and design, Lew has created some of the highest performing and stylish knives arounds. Combining local materials like shed deer antler and bog oak along with high performance steels to create highly functional and beautiful knives.

Function comes first with a Lew Griffin knife and most of his blades also feature high performance geometry, predominately in the form of an “S” grind. These are fantastic, handmade knives with some of the best performance, fit and finish and style that we have come across.