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Guirec Péron

Artisan blacksmith Guirec Péron ignited his passion for forging as a teenager. From building his own forge to fashioning swords, Péron found a lifelong devotion to the art. Based in the French Alps, his workshop is a haven for creating knives that embody a delicate balance of precision and aesthetic finesse.

Inspired by Japanese shapes, Péron's knives exemplify a fusion of efficiency and beauty. His journey recently became intertwined with Milan Gravier, a mentor turned friend, who has enriched his craft and inspired the pursuit of creating incredibly beautiful culinary knives with exceptional precision and dedication.

Péron has dedicated himself to crafting Honyaki, a style which demands a high level of skill and precision. Honyaki knives embody a level of alchemy that makes them heirloom works destined to stand the test of time, bringing joy to generations to come. Péron's work features humble designs with a focus on performance and functionality. High quality steels, classic wooden handles, and stunning stone finished bevels. Many of Péron’s knives features mirror polish a time consuming and challenging work. These are truly stunning knives.