Leszek Sikoń Knives

Award winning blacksmith Leszek Sikoń has spent the better part of the last decade studying, learning tradition methods, and developing his own unique artistic style. With multiple awards under his belt including the 2020 QEST Howdens Scholarship Award for Knife making which will see him train under legendary master Nobuya Hayashi at the renowned Kurogane Workshop in Japan.

Leszek’s knives feature a unique rustic style, artistic edge and premium fit and finish. Leszek has developed a reputation as an artist in, not only knife making, but metal sculpture and this element is always present in his knives. Often feature uniquely shaped integral bolsters, and beautiful San mai, Go mai and Damascus steels, which he forges in house.

Always prominent in Leszek’s work is premium materials, high quality steel hardening and exceptional edge geometry. We are thrilled to have this talented European’s work available here on Modern Cooking.