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Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives are the most valuable tools in the chef’s armoury. We believe a good Kitchen Knife should be sharp, well balanced and comfortable to hold. The blade should be made from good quality steel and the handle should be ergonomically designed and made from strong and hygienic material.

There are many good steels on the market including premium stainless steels like R2 and VG10 as well as high carbon reactive steels like Aogami Super (AS) and Shirogami #1. If you would like to learn more about the various different steel types check out our kitchen knife guide in the Magazine.

We have put together a range of kitchen knives that includes some of the most versatile knife shapes, like the Chef Knife, Gyuto, Santoku and Petty. There are also knives that have more specific functions like working with vegetables (Nakiri), fish (Deba) and meat (Honesuki) as well as carving knives or slicers like the Sujihiki and classics that every household needs like the Bread Knife.