Simon Maillet

For many years Simon, like many other knife makers, worked as a professional chef. Born in France, Simon migrated to England in 2017 and soon after found himself drawn to the historic home of British steel working, Sheffield. Knife making is a calling for Simon and he takes a pragmatic approach, focusing on the elements that emphasise functionality and performance, while giving his knives an elegant yet minimal aesthetic.

His knives are first and foremost tools, not decorative pieces. He wants to see them used and maintained over long periods of time. Simon draws much of his inspiration from traditional Japanese knife making. His knives are ground on a water wheel and finished on whetstones. This gives his knives very flat and consistent bevels, which makes them easily maintainable. Often in knife making it’s the details that you cannot easily see and Simon’s knives a built on a bedrock of process that result in some of the most impressive knives around.

Somewhat of a well-kept secret many of Simon’s customers are British chefs, but now Simon’s work has drawn the attention of the international community and he has begun shipping his knives all over the world. We are honoured to be working with such passionate and dedicated artisan.