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Kamon Knives

From an early age Ben Kamon was inspired by knives. His father, who was a collector of folding and outdoor knives, introduced him to his first blades. His father instilled in him, not only a passion for the sharp edge, but also the need to maintain it. Kamon senior trained Ben to care for his knives and showed him how to sharpen them correctly.

In later life Ben apprenticed as a truck mechanic and later as a blacksmith. With close to a decade of training at the forge and as a machinist Ben began forging his own blades professionally. Ben Kamon has an amazing eye for detail and impressive industrial design skills. His broad knowledge of materials and his skill as a machinist show in his trademark detachable handles, which exude a unique industrial cool. At the forge and the grinder Ben creates amazing profiles and gives his blades a unique style that is always beautiful to admire and an absolute pleasure to use.

Although rare, if you can acquire a Kamon made kitchen knife you will own a unique piece of precision built functional art.