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Grilling or smoking large cuts in summer or roast meats in winter the Sujihiki is the king of slicer, carving knives. The long, thin, and shallow blade is perfect for taking nice even slices. The Sujihiki is also a great preparation blade, perfect for trimming away sinew and fat from meat, finely slicing meat and terrines or filleting, skinning, and portioning fish. The long blade allows the meat or fish to be cut in one single pull cut motion, from heel to tip.

Typical characteristics like an acute edge angle and narrow blade greatly reduce bruising and tearing as you move the blade through produce. With Sujihiki the longer the blade the better, shorter blades require more back and forth when slicing and this results in more damage to delicate produce. If you have the space and the budget, we advise you take the longest blade that is practical for you.