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Evan Antzenberger

French blacksmith Evan Antzenberger has been a blacksmith for over 15 years having completed his training under Master Thierry Peyanne at the early age of 16. Evan forges each of his knives with attention to every detail, bringing each and every detail together with affectionate consideration.

Like any craftsman that finds his work in the Modern Cooking Collectors Selection, Evan puts cutting performance and quality above all else. Evan has a unique eye for detail and each knife is a one of a kind work of functional art, lovingly designed with tasteful material selection and an individual identity.

Working with a variety techniques including Honyaki, Laminated and pattern welded steels. Evans work features variety, artisanal quality, and incredible style. We are very proud to be able to represent Evan and we know that you will find his work a joy to use.