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Isa Smedjan

For Jonas Johnson forging kitchen knives is meditation. Creating something that is both beautiful and functional, and that brings joy to those that use them is Jonas’s happy place.

Inspired by the art and tradition of Japanese blacksmiths and western makers alike, Jonas produces some of the best Honyaki kitchen knives around. A traditional Japanese method, Honyaki blades are hard at the edge and soft at the spine with a beautiful silhouette like wave pattern on the face of the blade representing the transition. Perhaps this is representative of Jonas himself, a friendly, kind-hearted guy, who is also strong enough to wield the hammer daily.

Apart from Honyaki, Jonas also produces knives in a more traditional Scandinavian style. Isasmedjan translates roughly to Hill Forge, named for the Isabackarna (Ice Hills) region where he is located, in Sweden. His rustic but beautiful Damascus and wrought iron clad blades are often paired with beautiful local materials like deer antler and birchbark that are something totally unique. If you are lucky enough to own an Isa Smedjan kitchen knife you might find hand engraved runes on the back side of the blade, typically spelling Isa Smedjan.