Professional Whetstone #1000


When it comes to synthetic whetstones the Pro Series from Naniwa Abrasives are arguably the best on the market. Used by many of our Collectors Selection makers, including the likes of Milan Gravier, Jonas Johnsson, and Joel Black. Having worked with whetstones for over 20 years we also wholeheartedly endorse these premium quality synthetic whetstones.

The pro series feature incredibly good tactile feedback and responsiveness, from our perspective this is so important. You need to know where you’re at if you want to achieve consistency in your sharpening and finishing. It’s also nice to have stones that removes material fast and efficiently and the Naniwa pro cut fast.

As a series these whetstones are perfect for anyone looking to simply sharpen their knives, but if you are look for whetstones to use as part of a finishing progression the Naniwa Pro series are fantastic, they develop a consistent slurry quite quickly and will efficiently blend and remove deep scratches easily. This makes for a great foundation before moving to natural whetstone for final finishing. 

In practice the Naniwa Pro are splash and go stones, so no need for long soaking preparations. Like a good kitchen knife these whetstones do what you want them to do, easily and without frustration. They just get out of the way and let you do the work they were made to do.