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The Gyuto chef knife is the Japanese version of a western style chef’s knife. The blade is different in several ways, which give it different cutting characteristics to the western version. Gyuto blades have a flatter profile which lends itself to more of a chopping and slicing action. The western version features a more curved profile, which is great for a rock-chop style. Like the chef knife the Gyuto does have a curve in the blade, but it is less extreme. So, the Gyuto can also be used in a rock-chop style. Japanese Gyutos also have a thinner blade. So, unlike the western chef’s knife, the Gyuto is not made for cutting through joints in meat or hard material like frozen food. However, this does mean that these Japanese chef knives are typically sharper and lighter than the western version.

Gyuto translates to cow sword in English, this gives you an idea of what this knife was originally designed for. You can use this knife to cut meat, fish, vegetable and as a slicer for terrines and roasts etc. Like the western chef knife it is a multipurpose knife. If you would like to read more about different knife types, we have a guide in our magazine.