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Erik Gullikson

An artist from day one, Erik Gullikson has spent the majority of his life dedicated to composing and producing music. Bladsmithing was a part time hobby or passion for over a decade before Erik decided to make it his full-time occupation. It might seem like a drastic and extreme change stepping out of the music studio and into the forge, but for Erik it is simply a new and perhaps more physical and tangible outlet for his creative energies.

He designs knives that first and foremost perform technically, but also, like a great evocative piece of music, have that fundamental human spark in terms of inspiration. Captivating and singular designs that inspire professional and home cooks to be creative in the kitchen.

A unique craftsman with a very fluid approach to design. Erik often uses a simple “two words” approach to his designs.Channelling life experiences, history, nature, and even pop culture into inspiring combinations like "Runic strata," "Rainbow rust," "Lush heart," and "Raw shadow." These combinations serve as the guiding lights for his steel layering, colour palettes, and handle pairings, creating a visual symphony that echoes in the mind's eye.

At Modern Cooking Erik has been one of the most highly anticipated, exciting, and innovative artisans to join our Collectors Selection. His work blends a diverse range of traditional and contemporary styles and techniques, creating unique and innovative pieces that constantly inspire. From release to release we look forward to bringing you more from this incredible Artisan Bladesmith.