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Merion Forge

A welcome addition to the Collectors Selection. Dominik Filip aka Merion Forge developed a passion for history and craftwork from an early age. This passion translated into studies at school in the art of metal work where he trained as a blacksmith for 3 years. With a keen interest in food and the culinary arts, Dominik decided to apply his skills to culinary knife making. This represented a challenge as there is very little in the way of resources for specialising in knife making, especially in Czech Republic. However, Dominik was lucky enough secure a position training under renowned swordsmith Pavel Bolf where he was able to develop his skills and learn many of the Japanese techniques. Dominik also studied Artistic Foundry at university where he learnt about casting, a skill that he applies today to some of his culinary knives and can be found in his bolsters for example.

Dominik's knives are crafted using traditional techniques and finished using the finest Japanese whetstones. Cast metal bolsters, full tapered tangs, forged layered steels and high-performance stone polished bevels represent this young craftsman's work. Dominik Filip is certainly a talented artisan smith, and we think you will find his culinary knives a welcome addition to your kitchen.