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Naohito Myojin

Naohito Myojin has been around the forge for much of his adult life. Having begun his training at the age of 18 he initially trained as a blacksmith for 3 years before pivoting to become a sharpener. Widely considered one of Japan’s most talented and unique master sharpeners, Myojin-san trained for 10 years under Morihiro-san at the renowned atelier Konosuke Sakai before establishing his own atelier in Kōchi Prefecture on the island of Shikoku in southern Japan.

A rockstar in the truest sense of the word, Myojin-san constantly pushes the limits, striving to not only master traditional techniques, but also to innovate at every opportunity. Kitchen knives sharpened by this master often feature fine, yet tough bevels, meticulously finished with incredible precision. Iconic profiles, and beautiful details like chamfered spine and choil are not uncommon features. Myojin also brings the same level of focus, precision, and attention to detail to his finishing work consistent delivering a one-two punch of performance and tasteful beauty in every piece.

Myojin-san has a passion for his craft and continuously honours it through a collaborative spirit that regularly drives him to share his skills and knowledge with other Japanese craftspeople. It’s our honour to be able to bring Myojin-san to the Modern Cooking Collectors Selection where he is able to continue this collaborative approach alongside the other world class artisans.