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Synthetic Whetstones

A sharp edge is achieved through several elements. The blacksmith must select a premium, good quality steel and he must harden it correctly and in our opinion that means greater than 60HRC. Then the knife requires a sharp edge angle to be ground onto the blade, on a good quality knife this is 15-20 degrees on either side.

Whetstones are imperative to maintain this edge. A sharp edge will only last for a limited amount of time and then the knife must be sharpened on a set of good quality whetstones. A honing steel will help you to maintain the burr on your knife and keep the knife performing well between sharpening sessions, but eventually you will need to get your whetstones out and give your blades some love.

We suggest that you purchase a good quality repair stone (low grit around #300), a sharpening stone (usually #1000) and a polishing stone or maybe a selection of polishing stones (#2000+++).