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Radiona Breg

Metal fabrication is in the family for Tomislav Sokač aka Radiona Breg. So, from an early age Tomislav would work in the family business developing machinist skills, learning to work the forge and weld. Initially it was the Japanese Katana that draw Tomislav to the idea of becoming a bladesmith, but it was a career as a cinematography and lighting specialist that would take up most of Tomislav’s early years.

However, when his father was getting close to retirement the idea to make a change and take over the family business took hold. A love of cooking, Sokać is the Hungarian word for “Cook or Chef”, and a fascination with Japanese bladesmiths inspired Tomislav to use the family forge to begin crafting kitchen knives.

A Radion Breg kitchen knife holds generations of skill and has a rustic, yet classic style that, while inspired by Japanese knives, is totally unique. The knives feature amazing performance and with a lifetime of experience working with metal, fit and finish is unquestionably perfect!