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A widely used variation on the Japanese Usuba, the Nakiri is an easy to use vegetable knife. The simple, flat profile on the Nakiri is simple for beginners to learn and highly functional and efficient for professionals. The Nakiri is generally double-ground, though there are single-ground variations. Similar to the Usuba, which uses its single-ground bevel for a technique called katsuramuki or rotary pealing technique, the Nakiri has been developed for more general vegetable preparation and its double-ground blade is easier to use on less detailed tasks.

Nakiri can be found in sizes ranging from 135 mm up to 190 mm and features a tall blade similar in height to a Gyuto or a Santoku, but with a relatively flat profile or blade curvature in contrast. This flat profile means that almost the entire blade comes in contacts with the board when chopping, which means that, that annoying phenomenon of ingredients remaining attached to one another is a thing of the past.

The spatula like, flat, square blade of the Nakiri is also the perfect tool when gathering and scooping up prepared vegetables or herbs. We are huge fans of the Nakiri at Modern Cooking and if you haven't used one before we believe you will quickly find it one of your favourite knives in the kitchen.