Gyuto 250mm Gomai Apex Ultra & Gidgee


A low profile classic Gyuto from Martin Huber here, blade high is just above 50mm. The Apex Ultra core is wonderfully sharp and features some of the best edge retention in the business. A fantastic steel produced by Austrian blacksmith and metallurgist Tobias Hangler. Martin has given this lovely Gyuto some very nice and thin bevels. This is going to be a great knife for push cuts and slicing action. 

The GoMai steel is house forged and is part of Martin’s Silver line. It’s simple, yet elegant steel forged from a combination of O2 steel, a nickel diffusion barrier, and a core. Martin produces the steel with a variety of different core steels, but this piece features his most premium offering Apex Ultra. The silver nickel line passing through black etched steel is a little reminiscent of the Austrian alps nearby to Martin’s workshop in Steyr, Austria.

The knife is completed with a stunning handle in Gidgee and G10, its classy piece with beautiful fit and finish lovely geometry and ergonomics.