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Justus Kißner

Justus Kißner, a craftsman originally from Bavaria and currently residing in Berlin, embarked on his carpentry apprenticeship journey in 2015. Rapidly immersing himself in the diverse realm of woodworking, he acquired professional expertise as a furniture maker and restorer. Passionate about Japanese woodworking tools and techniques, Justus forged a significant connection with the Utsuwa Project in 2021—a collaborative effort between Osaka and Berlin to maintain and proliferate Japanese woodworking techniques and the special products that emerge from these artisanal skills. In doing so, Justus has emerged as a leading representative in Germany, collaborating with skilled craftspeople and artists to develop projects that foster friendship and international cooperation.

In late 2022, Justus took the plunge and established his own business. He continues to evolve in the fields of furniture making, teaching, monument restoration, and carpentry, showcasing his unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and the diverse facets of his trade.

We are very proud to have partnered with Justus and to be able to bring his exceptional work to Modern Cooking.