Bread Sword 270mm by Fredrik Spåre


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The MCX bread sword is designed with artisanal breads in mind. We are talking big loaves that your standard bread knife will be challenged by. Let’s face it, that’s the definition of good bread these days. We chose 270mm and 300mm as two sizes that will meet the demands of these large loaves and still feel comfortable on a home kitchen bench.

The blade profile, with its sweeping curve makes short work of large loaves and makes it simple to cut nice even slices. The serrations are perfectly shaped to avoid catching and easily tear through the bread.

Featuring the classic MCX forged finish and paired with a very subtle and elegant ebonized oak, G10 and brass handle the knife looks amazing and will be classy addition to your home kitchen or restaurant.

Product Specification

Blade Type: Bread Knife

Edge Length: 270mm

Spine Heel: 3.85mm

Spine Mid: 2.8mm

Spine Tip (20mm before): 2mm

Blade Height: 37mm

Weight: 181g

Cutting Edge Steel: 2092

Stainless: No

HRC: 65

Blade Construction: Mono Steel

Blade Finish: Brute de Forge

Grind: Flat

Handle Construction: Hidden Tang

Handle Materials: Ebonized Oak with G10 Spacer & Hammered Brass Bolster

Handedness: Ambidextrous

Saya Included: No

Product Care:

Cleaning: Clean by hand with warm water. Avoid wetting the handle when possible. 

Sharpening: We advise using whetstones to sharpen your knives and a honing rod or steel to maintain the burr between sharpening sessions. 

Reactive Steels: Reactive steels like Aogami Super, Apex Ultra or one of the many premium reactive German and Swedish steels are susceptible to rust if not properly cared for. In this case we advise that you keep the knife dry between uses and when storing the knife for longer periods wiping the knife blade with Tsubaki oil or another food safe oil is a wise choice. This will not stop a patina forming on the blade, but it will stop rust. A patina can be a beautiful personal feature on your knife and helps to stop rust forming. So, dry your knife regularly between uses, store in a dry place and apply some Tsubaki oil from time to time when storing for long periods. 

A reference guide to steel types

Handle Care: If you have a knife with a non-stabilised wooden handle, you can apply Tsubaki oil or another food safe oil to your handle from time to time. Food safe wax can be applied to both stabilised and no-stabilised wooden handles. Never apply hot wax or oil as you risk warping or damaging the handle.