BRT Delux Titanium Fish Spatula Classic


Beautifully light weight and nimble in the hand. The BRT delux titanium fish spatula from artisan craftsman and blacksmith Ben Tendick is a revelation for those who love to cook. Every angle is thoughtfully designed, from the chamfered lip on the front edge of the spatula to the angled scoop. Shifting delicate ingredients around the pan is delightfully easy with this stylish fish spatula.

Laser engraved and anodized, water cut titanium, and copper rivets are assembled by hand in Ben’s Oregon based workshop. The colours and patterns give each of these one of kind kitchen tools a unique touch of flare.

The titanium is a robust material, perfect for culinary use. Extremely durable, light weight and rust free. These titanium spatulas will easily withstand the rigors of daily use in the busiest of commercial kitchens and are a true gift to use for those who love to cook.


Avoid harsh abrasives, wash by hand to avoid tarnishing