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Oatley Knives

James Oatley is perhaps one of the most prolific artisan-bladesmiths around today. He is widely considered, by his peers, to be an inspiration and creates some of the most uniquely beautiful, contemporary designed, high performance culinary knives on the market.

Although his work features some very modern style, his designs are inspired by traditional techniques. James first became interested in knives as a child after a visit to his grandfather, a World War two veteran and owner of a Japanese Katana. It wasn’t until many years later that James would take an interest in the craft though and it was a culinary knife, made by Saji Takeshi, that would eventually inspire James to forge his first knives.

Oatley Knives feature incredible fit and finish, beautiful, stabilised hardwoods, and lovely accents in copper, brass, and premium synthetics. The processes and techniques employed in their production are some of the most innovative and cutting-edge available. The results? Incredibly thin, high-performance geometries, unique, iconic, performance first profiles and outstanding fit and finish.

Simply put, James produces heirloom quality culinary knives.