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Adonis Forged Arts

Adonis Forged Arts is a company based in France near Annecy. Founder and Master Blacksmith Antoine Kniamen works alone and creates some of the most beautiful and functional kitchen knives around. Each knife is a one of a kind expression of his creativity and artistic views, each inspired by his fascination with one of mankind most important innovations, the knife.

As the company name suggests, Antoine is focused on the art of his creations, but that does not mean his knives lack function or innovation. Foremost to each piece is quality heat treatment, grind and profile. When these elements are perfect Antoine completes each, one of a kind, blade with a unique stylistic treatment, including beautiful Tsuchimi, Damascus and Kurouchi finishes and custom shaped handles like his Hephaestus integral handle series.

Adonis blades are forged out of a range of steels including Apex Ultra and premium German tool steels like 1.2519 & 1.2419.05, along with in house forged Damascus. These are all premium steels, with great edge retention and sharpen-ability. Antoine is a master craftsmen that cares deeply about his art. If you are lucky enough to be able to purchase one of his knives you will have a one of a kind piece of functional art to admire for a lifetime.