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Oblivion Blades

Jerarmie 'Jezz' Heywood of Oblivion Blades and Oblivion Steelis one of the most well respected and well-known figures in the knife making industry today. A scrapper, a hustler (I mean that in a positive way), and a crafty guy who understood from an early age that we learn by doing, that performance and quality is improved by pressure and that taking risks is key to becoming creative.

Premium, high performance kitchen knives and steels like those that Jezz produces are only possible from makers who possess skills, and attitudes like these and the experience necessary to put them to work. Jezz’s knives are some of the most recognizable and unique designs around. He has developed trademark qualities that make no two Oblivion Blades alike and yet somehow each piece that Jezz forges is always recognisable as an Oblivion Blade.

Perhaps you may already be aware and have seen the OB steel trademark on knives produced by well-known and renowned makers from around the world, if you ever wanted to know who is producing these unique steels, this very talented, innovative Australian is the source. We are very proud to be able to bring Oblivion Blades to Europe and to Modern Cooking.