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Collectors Selection

A selection of unique, hand forged knives crafted by artisan blacksmiths.

Japanese Konro

Finally! Our super popular Japanese Konro are back in stock. We have a limited supply available so get them while you can.

Nakiri Knife

Collectors Selection

A selection of unique, hand forged knives crafted by artisan blacksmiths.

Teruyasu Fujiwara

Maboroshi Now Available

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Martin Huber

Hand crafted in Garsten, Austria

Martin Huber has been forging knives since the age of 16. From a very young age it was clear to Martin that he wanted to be a blacksmith. There might be a little family influence involved. Martin has a slightly higher iron content in his blood than others. His grandfather was a blacksmith, and both of his parents worked as mechanical and automotive engineers, blacksmiths, and machinists.

Martin is deeply inspired by the process of making knives and the world around him. Each knife produced is unique, often influenced by his peers in the artisan knife making world, by nature and a close-knit team that is always keen to find the next challenge. Martin and his team produce all kinds of knives, but his kitchen knives are some of best around.

A Martin Huber knife is characterised by a thoughtful design that begins with a focus on durability, fit and finish and performance and ends with amazingly unique materials and style. We are very proud to be able to offer the work of Martin and his team here at Modern Cooking. If you are lucky enough to obtain one of Martin's knives, we have no doubt you will be just as impressed as we are.

Martin Huber

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Hand crafted in Brisbane, Australia

Luke & Danae Scheepers have a passion for design and innovation, blending traditional hand craft techniques with modern technology, melding the aesthetic of handcrafted with the precision and performance of high tech to deliver something totally unique in knife making.

“Life’s better with good tools”, a maxim to live by if you ask Luke Scheepers and surely many professional chefs will agree. Like many knife makers Luke has a history in metal fabrication and in particular in the precision world of motor sport, but what is perhaps unique about Luke Scheepers is that he has also studied architectural design and has a passion for functional art.

Each blade produced by ScheepersBuilt is hand forged and ground, precision hardened and finished. CNC technology is integrated into the process to add a unique aesthetic in the form of a tsuchimi like texture on the face of the blade. The result is a super high-performance blade with a totally unique ScheepersBuilt style. Every premium knife needs a great handle and each ScheepersBuilt handle is fabricated from unique materials in house to round out the look. We think these high-performance knives look fantastic and cut even better!


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