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Similar to the Santoku, the Bunka is an all purpose knife that is versatile and easy to use. A great alternative to the Japanese workhorse that is the Gyuto. The Bunka features a reduced blade length like a Santoku and an edge to spine height that is comparable. So, you get a knife that is versatile and easy to use, while also giving the knuckle clearance required to easily rock chop or push cut depending on your preferred cutting technique. Unlike the Santoku the Bunka features a K-Tip. For many professional chefs, the K-Tip makes the Bunka a more versatile knife great for both detailed work or shredding through large quantities of produce.

At Modern Cooking we have curated a selection of premium high quality Bunka knives from well-known makers like Yu Kurosaki and Scheepers Built. The blades in this selection are forged from premium stainless steel and custom hardened high carbon steel core alternatives for the sharpest selection around.