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Niko Nicolaides

Transitioning from a background as a CNC programmer and operator in the manufacturing industry, Niko Nicolaides has made a remarkable shift. Embracing a more artisanal path, he now channels his skills into the world of bladesmithing, focusing solely on crafting custom chef knives. Niko's expertise shines through in his mastery of the forge, most notably showcased in his integral-construction, kitchen knives. Using beautiful natural handle materials, he adds purposeful, subtle touches that enhance the hand-forged blades. The result is a collection of knives, each with its distinct appearance and character.

Based in Detroit, Michigan, Niko's workshop is where his culinary dreams come to life. He creates tools that echo the aspirations he held during his high school and college cooking days, reaching a level he could only imagine back then. Thin, balanced, and visually captivating, Niko's knives cater to both professional and home cooks, exemplifying excellence in every aspect.