Marco Guldimann is a unique character within the knife making world. Based in Zurich Switzerland, Marco worked as a professional chef for many years and in the challenging section of the kitchen responsible for pastry. Like many chefs Marco developed a love and fascination for the all-important kitchen knife. However, its Marco’s inquisitive nature that makes him unique.

It was from here that OmG knives (Messerschmiede Guldimann) developed, the “O” in OmG represents an eagles eye and speaks to Marco's eye for the details.

Marco has applied the precision of the pastry kitchen to his knife making. Every step is scrutinized and regularly tested using methods that would be considered scientific. Included in Marco’s process are regular metallographic analysis of the steel, a skill that Marco undertakes in house after training with renowned metallographer Markus Zgraggen. The analysis aids Marco in continuous improvement.

Marco implements a unique set of highly refined steps in his knife making process that are designed to deliver the finest possible austenite grain sizes combined with very low appearance of carbide segregation on austenite grain boundaries.

What does that mean?

It means that Marco’s process will deliver the absolute best in class toughness, which translates to incredible edge retention and sharpness.

As a founding member of the team that created Apex Ultra, along with Tobias Hangler and Larrin Thomas, Marco can apply best in class processes to steel that has been custom developed for high toughness and edge retention. 

Marco completes each of his knives with some of the most incredible materials available including unique and sustainable materials like Swiss Wood Solutions Bijouwood, alongside other more exotic materials. We think Marco’s work is incredible, but the let the results speak for themselves.

Peter Buckwalter