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Milan Gravier

Milan Gravier has been a blacksmith for more than 12 years. He came to the work in a rather organic fashion. Filled with a unique view of the world after studying philosophy, Milan felt the need to approach things in a different way, perhaps like all of us, searching for a more meaningful existence. After completing his studies Milan worked in agriculture and farming, on the farm he discovered the forge and saw an opportunity to develop a craft that would allow him to find balance in terms of his ideologies. Soon after this point Milan was motivated to move full time towards knife making.

With a fascination for the craft and a focus on traditional Japanese technique Milan has developed a reputation for producing beautiful knives, simple in their materials, yet beautiful in terms of their craftsmanship. Much of the materials used are locally sourced by Milan himself and while his knives are very beautiful and feature extremely precise geometry and performance, in his eyes they are tools used to nourish those who use them.

Knife making is an ongoing journey for Milan and each knife represents a new milestone. This is a knife maker in the pursuit of excellence and to handle and work with his knives reflects that journey. They are just stunning knives and joy to work with.