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As collectors of epicurean art, you have a passion for life itself. You understand that food and drink bring us together and inspires discussion. The handmade kitchen knives and culinary tools found here are not simply to be admired, but becomes a part of our daily lives, often evolve with time and experience, and can be the canvas or the paint brush for our own creativity. There is no other art-form that we connect with in such a tangible way.

The artwork found here, and in our Collectors Selection, is sourced through a diverse network of blacksmiths, ceramic artists, sculptors, jewellers, engravers, and multidisciplinary artists that combine many skills and materials to produce these masterpieces. We work tirelessly to ensure that only the finest pieces debut on Modern Cooking so you can trust that only the highest standard and most exclusive, unique works are found here.

As a member of Modern Cooking, you will be invited to participate in regular and exclusive auctions and receive early notification on available works.

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