VISION Wine Glass 'Straight' - Set of 2

1.489,00 kr
By Zieher

"Straight", VISION-series
For pure grape varieties and fruity / aromatic red and white wines

content: approx. 540 ml
diameter: 9 cm
height: 27 cm
PU: 2 pieces

This glass represents the essence of a wine, capturing its characteristics in perfect harmony. It's designed to showcase the true aromas of different grape varieties, such as Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc, in an unpretentious yet authentic manner. Whether it's a light and aromatic red or any other type of grape, you'll experience pure enjoyment.

Zieher VISION-Series

The Zieher glasses in the VISION range are crafted with precision and innovative techniques, resulting in the highest quality crystalline glass that is free of lead. Each glass is one-of-a-kind, meticulously hand-blown using traditional methods. Not only do these glasses boast a stunning and sophisticated design, but they also enhance the aroma and allow for optimal development of the wine. The play of light, colors, and visual depth in these glasses is truly captivating, making it impossible to look away. Experience wine like never before with VISION Wine Glass 'Straight'.

The Vision: "No distinction is made between red wine or white wine glasses in this collection, the glasses are simply theme-based or character-based. The names of the glasses FRESH, STRAIGHT, INTENSE, BALANCED, RICH and NOSTALGIC clearly explain what they are used for. You intuitively reach for the glass which presents the flavours of the wine that you particularly wish to emphasise in the best way. If you want a powerful wine to be more harmonious or a touch livelier and fresher, you pick the glass with the designation that reflects your requirement best." Silvio Nitzsche - WEIN | KULTUR | BAR - Dresden