VISION Wine Glass 'Nostalgic' - Set of 2

1.383,00 kr
By Zieher

"Nostalgic", VISION-series
For cocktails or as a food glass

content: approx. 250 ml
diameter: 10,5 cm
height: 16,5 cm
PU: 2 pieces

The wide chalice is perfect for stylish presentations of creative cocktails, spectacular hors d‘oeuvres or sophisticated sweets. In combination with SIDE ideal for plain water, for easy service distinguishing both types of water.

Zieher VISION-Series

Zieher glasses exemplify exquisite Filigree Craftsmanship, expertly crafted using innovative design and top quality materials. Hand-blown from lead-free crystalline glass, each glass is a unique work of art. The VISION range boasts a perfect and captivating design, while enhancing the aroma and flavor development of the wine. The mesmerizing play of light, colors, and visual depth will keep you entranced by the glass, for a wine experience like no other.

The Vision: "No distinction is made between red wine or white wine glasses in this collection, the glasses are simply theme-based or character-based. The names of the glasses FRESH, STRAIGHT, INTENSE, BALANCED, RICH and NOSTALGIC clearly explain what they are used for. You intuitively reach for the glass which presents the flavours of the wine that you particularly wish to emphasise in the best way. If you want a powerful wine to be more harmonious or a touch livelier and fresher, you pick the glass with the designation that reflects your requirement best." Silvio Nitzsche - WEIN | KULTUR | BAR - Dresden