Star Mini Decanter - Carafe

1.905,00 kr
By Zieher


The "Star" decanter combines a unique aesthetic with professional functionality for the ultimate vinophile experience. Designed by acclaimed glassblower Detlef Greiner-Perth and presented by Silvio Nitzsche, this carafe is truly captivating with its exceptional design. The stunning star located inside the decanter not only enhances the wine's flavor, but also draws attention with its magic-like allure. Whether enjoyed at home or in a restaurant, "Star" is sure to elevate the wine-drinking experience. Each individual star adds a unique touch to the carafe, making for a great conversation starter with interested guests. This exquisite centerpiece is created through an intricate, multi-stage process, adding a touch of luxury and rarity in our uniform world. With its compact size, this mini decanter is perfect for decanting open wines or small bottles, with the ideal amount for optimum oxygenation being 0.375 liters. Additionally, it serves as a beautiful vessel for showcasing high-end cocktails, flavored


Uniqueness in practice (Analysis by Sommeliers Silvio Nitzsche)

“Many decanters provide a fast but completely unbalanced development of wines because the wines develop only by a macro-oxidation at the surface. It`s more balanced and harmonic to implement the necessary oxygen in a very soft and gentle way. The filigree rays of the centric star animates the served wine to a very soft enhancement. During the slewing the oxygen is mildly folded in and integrated into the wine. Thus the wine starts to develop on its own terms and not – as with other decanters – just at the surface. The swirling of the wine is a fascinating view and helps in a three-dimensional development to harmonize the acid and to synchronize different levels of aroma. By using borosilicate glass as raw material for this decanter, which sticks out by its extremely smooth surface, another highly pleasant effect is, that the aromatic molecules aren`t expelled from the wine but allowed to present themselves completely in the wine glass. The aerated wine becomes extremely balanced, carefully crafted and centered. An additional value which is simply priceless!”

Silvio Nitzsche, WEIN/KULTUR/BAR Dresden


Height: 24 cm

Diameter: 11.5 cm

Care instructions decanter: Looking  at  “Star”  almost  everybody,  who  already  gained  experience  with  decanters,  will intuitively ask how to clean it. Many decanters have the nature, in particular when used  for  red  wines,  to  absorb  the  colour  pigments  and  to  show  light  grey  or  brown  surface layers after a certain usage. Most of these carafes have microscopically seen a rough surface which leftovers of the wine might adhere to and cause an unattractive appearance of the decanters. With our decanter, made of borosilicate glass, this effect might appear after a much longer period due to the extremely smooth and repellent surface of this high-quality laboratory glass. In case it actually happens these traces can easily be removed by using a mixture of citric acid and water. After 2 hour soaking the problem should be solved.