Pebble Wine Decanter - Carafe

2.393,00 kr
By Zieher

“Pebble” is made of high-grade lead free crystal glass. The unfilled decanter inspires by the brilliance of the glass alone and the resulting light reflections.


This carafe showcases masterful craftsmanship, illustrating the expertise and artistry of our skilled glassmakers. The bottom features three convex segments, meticulously designed to add an elegant and dimensional touch to this impeccably made piece.

While filling the decanter the wine flows, due to the shaping of the neck, along the complete inside area, which maximizes the surface of the wine and thus contributes to the aeration.

The bottom three dimples help to enhance the swirling motion of the poured wine, resulting in a gentle yet highly effective aeration. For even better results, carefully swing the full decanter. Additionally, the bottom three bulges ensure a stable and secure stand while preventing any wiggling.

The diagonal cut of the neck and the accurate polish of the raw edges minimize the formation of drops while pouring out.

Height: 30 cm

Diameter: 20 cm