Collina' Porcelain Platter

765,00 kr
By Zieher

"Collina" offers numerous application possibilities. In the entrance area and on the buffet, for the presentation of fruit and pastries, but also as a purely decorative element - a lot is possible. The small version of the divided platter is ideal for various antipasti and pastry creations. In addition to being used as a fruit bowl, "Collina" is also a useful storage place for all sorts of everyday things, keys, mobile phones, jewelry, ...

To protect sensitive furniture surfaces, feet made of foam rubber are included with each plate, which can be glued on if necessary. The strict geometric structure allows several panels to be lined up and thus to increase the usable area in length or width as required. When looking at the surface from the side, the optics are reminiscent of a desert landscape arbitrarily formed by the wind.

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