Cerax Whetstone #6000

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If you enjoy working in the kitchen then you probably already know that having a good quality set of kitchen knives is key. Keeping your kitchen knives sharp is probably already part of your process, but many cooks only have a sharpening stone like a #1000 grit and maybe a repair stone like a #320 grit. If you are really looking to hone your knife skills, then you really need to add a polishing stone to your collection. The Suehiro Cerax whetstone #6000 is a pro level polishing stone that will elevate your knife edge from sharp to razor!

Polishing stones have a very fine scratch pattern that gives your knives that “like new” mirror shine. These stones refine the burr on your knives giving them ultra-fine teeth, which result in razor sharpness. If you have not been using a polishing stone as part of your sharpening process, then you have been skipping the final stage in the sharpening process and while you could stop at the sharpening stone level (#800-#3000) a polishing stone will almost certainly elevate your knives cutting capability to a professional level. The Suehiro Cerax whetstone #6000 is premium polishing stone with very high-quality abrasive material and minimal bonding agents.

The Suehiro Cerax whetstone #6000 grit is a great stone for those looking to breathe new life back into their kitchen knives. This stone is not really for repair work or re-setting the burr. We suggest using the #320 or #700 grit stone if you are looking to repair chips or other damage on your knife edge. #1000-#3000 grit stones are primarily used to re-set and re-burr the blade. If you are working with premium blades like the Tanaka or Kurosaki ranges we would suggest that you consider an even higher grit whetstone like the #8000.

After sharpening and polishing a few of our knives we found that the Suehiro Cerax whetstone #6000 is a high-performance stone that cuts quite fast. We only require around 3 passes to achieve a nice mirror shine, but the star attraction on these stones is the tactile feedback. You can really feel the edge of the blade against the stone and easily get a sense that the angle is correct.

The Cerax #6000 grit stone from Suehiro along with a good quality repairing stone (up to about #800) and sharpening stone (#1000-#3000) is all you need to keep your knives in good condition. Modern Cooking stocks a range of Suehiro whetstones as well as some other brands to suit each of these purposes. We also recommend regularly using a honing steal to keep you burr straight and true between sharpening’s.

We also have an entry level knife sharpening kit that includes a sharpening steal and sink bridge. However, we also have professional sharpening kits and whetstones for those who are really serious about knife care and maintenance.