Cerax Whetstone #320

479,00 kr 586,00 kr

Probably one of the most important things you can do in the term of kitchen safety is maintaining your knives and keeping them sharp. A sharp knife reduces the force need to cut through produce and makes for a safer and more enjoyable food preparation experience. The Suehiro Cerax whetstone #320 grit is perfect for setting the edge of your blade and repairing any chips or minor damage you may have on your blade edge. This coupled with a good quality sharpening (#700-#3000) and polishing stone (#5000+) along with a honing steel is all you need to keep your knives in good condition. We stock a range a Suehiro whetstones as well as some other brands to suit each of these purposes.

The Cerax whetstone series from Suehiro has been developed to deliver premium grade sharpening at an affordable price. The stones cut well and provide great tactile feedback allowing you to achieve a great edge, with a minimum of time and effort.

Made in Japan, Suehiro Cerax whetstones have a reputation for being high quality cost effective synthetic whetstones. Produced with high quality abrasive material and minimal bonding agent the stones are designed to last and perform well under both household and professional conditions.

Using Suehiro Cerax whetstone #320, we quickly found that it was easy to see why professionals love these stones. The tactile feedback quickly gave us sense of just how well these stones cut away material. After a few strokes of the blade you have already achieved a decent burr and you know that these stones are going to last you several years.

The Suehiro Cerax whetstone #320 comes with a rubber base and has a wide surface making it easy to use. These whetstones are soaking stones and require around 15-minute soaking time in water before use as well as an occasional splash during use. Unlike splash and go style stones these stone develop quite a bit of slurry, which aids in removing material and reducing load up.

As mention there is a rubber base in the box, but we always suggest using a sink bridge or a tea towel to ensure the stone doesn’t move around while sharpening. Our preference is for a sink bridge as it allows you to sit the stone under a tap making it easy to splash the stone down every now and then as necessary.

We also have an entry level knife sharpening kit that includes a sharpening steal and sink bridge. However, we also have professional sharpening kits and whetstones for those who are really serious about knife care and maintenance.