Knife Magnet Natural Walnut

852,00 kr
By Noyer


The Noyer knife magnet is the perfect way to store and display your beautiful, sharp knives. The handmade, wooden knife magnets have a unique Danish design characteristic that is both aesthetically pleasing and understated.

Each knife magnet is made by hand, and no two pieces are exactly alike. Constructed out of rich American walnut, the design is an instant classic with unique 45 degree angular cuts, which set the Noyer knife magnet apart from more tradition rectangular knife storage. The Noyer Knife magnet is art meets practical storage and pairs well with the knives you will find in our store.

Magnetic knife storage is also the best way to store your knives. Hygienic, safe (out of reach of children) and within practical reach when you are getting creative in the kitchen. Unlike knife blocks that take up bench space and can become a place for bacteria to grow or valuable kitchen draw space, a magnetic knife rack mounts easily and securely on a wall and gives you a beautiful way to present your kitchen knives, ready when you need them.