Why use the gallery of Epicurean art?

The Gallery of Epicurean Art brings the opportunity to put your work in front of those who appreciate it the most.

Its in the name, an "Epicurean" is a person devoted to sensual enjoyment, especially that derived from fine food and drink.

Through either auction or fixed price sale we will secure you the best possible price for your work.

1. Complete the form below and provide us with a detailed description of your work along with a pricing estimate and photography.

2. Let our specialists take the reins. Our specialists will evaluate and oversee professional photography upon receipt of your work.

3. See your work debut. We can offer your work in The GEA at the next suitable drop date.

4. Get paid. Benefit from the fastest payout terms in the industry. Receive your funds by wire transfer within 15 days of lot closing.

*Please note: There is a standard vendor’s commission between 5% - 20% on every consignment.