Yu Kurosaki Petty 150mm - Cherrywood Edition

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This Kurosaki Petty 150mm is hand forged out of SG2 steel. The first thing you notice when you pull the knife out of its custom made fibre box is how beautiful the Tsuchimi (hammered) finish is. This is unique to the Shizuku range from Kurosaki Knives and a trade mark of master blacksmith Yu Kurosaki.

The blade is super sharp straight out of the box and, while you probably could get it a bit sharper with a bit of work on the stones, you will be pretty happy to use it straight away. The SG2 steel, also known as R2 steel, is a very high-quality steel and will hold a fantastic edge for up to 6 months of professional level use.

This Shizuku Petty 150mm is fitted with a custom octagonal, ambidextrous, Wa (Japanese style) handle, which is made out of fine grain Cherrywood and finished with a black pakkawood ferule. The handle is comfortable to work with and has an ergonomic feel to it.

Overall the fit and finish on this Kurosaki Petty 150mm is superb. The spine and choil (heel) of the blade have been nicely ground to give a smooth and comfortable feel and the blade itself is very highly polished. The handle is center fitted and sealed and you won't find any gaps. Overall a very beautiful piece of craftsmanship and a lovely knife to work with.

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Blade Type:
Petty, Utility
Core Steel:
R2 / Super Gold 2 (SG2)
HRC Rockwell:
Handle Shape:
Octagonal Japanese "Wa"
Handle Material: