Yanick Puig Gyuto 253mm Full Kasumi 135Cr3 San Mai Wrought Iron Clad

Yanick Puig
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Yanick Puig Gyuto 253mm Wrought Iron Clad with a 135Cr3 core. Yanick Puig is a fairly humble guy, he told me that collectors and enthusiasts are almost begging him for his work and he sounded surprised. Let me just say that I am not.

This blade features a full Kasumi polish and honestly, it’s one of the most beautiful pieces of work to pass through our doors. To look at the photos you might think this knife looks like a fairly classic Japanese style knife, but the devil is in the details. 

Let me just get the basics out of the way. Fit and finish is absolutely perfect. I mean to find something that is not perfect would be seriously nit picking. Every curve, join and surface is perfectly rounded, flushed and finished. A masterclass in craftsmanship!

Earlier I mentioned that the devil is in the details, by details I mean geometry. This is a flat ground blade and putting a rule against the face you will be hard pressed to see a single light gap along any plane. More impressive is the way the blade tapers from the spine towards the edge. To look at the choil you would never guess that this blade has a 4mm spine thickness above the heel. It is super thin behind the edge. This is the geometry that dreams are made of.

If you are familiar with my writing on knives you might be beginning to think I won’t sell this one and it seriously came close to that, but here it is. If you have read this far, I suspect you might be reading this text after it has already sold.

Hoping to see more work from this extraordinarily talented artist, but as I am writing this I can’t say when. To whoever ends up owning this beautiful piece of work, I am totally jealous, but also sure you are loving every moment with it.

Blade Type:
Core Steel:
Blade Finish:
Wrought Iron Clad San Mai - Full Kasumi Polish
Spine Heel:
Spine Mid:
Spine Tip (20mm before):
Blade Height:
Tang Type:
Half, Hidden
Handle Type:
Custom Bespoke Octagonal
Handle Material:
Green Ebony & Imitation Ivory