Yu Kurosaki Nakiri 165mm – Shizuku Edition

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This Kurosaki Nakiri from Kurosaki Knives is an absolutely stunning knife. The hand forged SG2 steel blade has a beautiful bespoke shape to it and the Tsuchimi finish pairs nicely with the Cherrywood Handle. Easily one of the nicest Nakiris we have come across.

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Product Description

This Kurosaki Nakiri 165mm has been hand forged by master blacksmith Yu Kurosaki. The core steel is a high performance SG2 powder steel, sometimes called R2 steel. The core is cladded in stainless steel and has a Rockwell rating of 62 . The edge retention on a SG2 knives is exceptional and we found that the blade holds a great edge for up to 6-8 months (used 4hrs daily).

The handle on this Shizuku Nakiri is an ambidextrous, octagonal Wa (Japanese style) handle made out of fine grain Cherrywood and finished with a black Pakkawood ferule. We find the Wa handles to be comfortable and have an ergonomic feel to them.

Kurosaki knives generally have exceptional fit and finish and this Nakiri is no ecpetion. The handle is center fitted and sealed (no gaps) and the spine and Choil (heal) has a nice smooth grind to it. The balance point of the is a little forward of the heal and is perfect for a nimble pinch grip.

The bespoke blade has a slight curve to it making it great for both slicing and chopping action. The overall weight is quite low and the Kurosaki Nakiri feels agile and maneuverable in the hand. Overall a nice piece and craftsmanship and a really great Nakiri.

We have many more Kurosaki knives and other Japanese Kitchen Knives.

Shizuku Series

Each blade is hand forged in SG2 steel, which allows for a high-level edge retention, super thin and light weight blade. The SG2 steel core in this series of knives is hardened to HRC 62+ and is clad in a softer stainless steel. The knives are highly polished and the fit and finish is sensational.

The side of the blade is decorated in a stylish and practical hammered pattern, which is unique to the Shizuku series of knives. The hammered finish, not only looks great, but helps with food release. Although the hammered pattern might appear rough it is highly polished and smooth. Completing the design is Kurosaki Sans signature chiseled kanji.

The Shizuku series of knives come in a variety of Japanese Wa handles. Including Cherrywood, Rosewood and Lacquerware (Kagerou). The handles are an octagonal ambidextrous shape and fit nicely in the hand.

A lot of passion, experience and care has gone into this top tier series from Kurosaki Knives. We highly recommend these knives and can assure you that they are a pleasure to use.

Kurosaki Knives

Yu Kurosaki began his blacksmithing apprenticeship in 2002 with second generation, master blacksmith Hiroshi Kato. Over 10 years later he is considered one of Japan’s youngest master blacksmiths and has established his own brand, Kurosaki Knives.

Based in the Takefu Knife village of Echizen Japan, Yu Kurosaki is the youngest blacksmith to be granted the Master Nokaji title and to become a senior teacher.

Kurosaki knives have a unique style, are typically very thin and light weight and a pleasure to use. The knives produced by Kurosaki Knives are all hand forged and precision sharpened. Steels used at Kurosaki Knives include some of the best quality steel used in the kitchen knife industry including SG2 (R2) and VG10 Super Steel.

Yu Kurosaki is clearly a passionate, master craftsman and we believe his product speak for themselves. Try them for yourself, we are confident you will agree.

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Additional Information

Blade Type




Core Steel

R2 / Super Gold 2 (SG2)

HRC Rockwell


Handle Shape

Octagonal Japanese "Wa"

Handle Material



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