Whetstones and Honing Steels

If you are going to invest in a set of good quality kitchen knives you need to be prepared to take care of them. Owning a some good quality whetstones and a honing steel is very important. At Modern Cooking we aim to offer kitchen knives that are made from premium quality knife steels, which will hold a good edge for three months or more depending on how often you use them.

A honing steel will help maintain that edge during the time between sharpening, but it can only do so much. You will still need at the very least a 700# – 1000# whetstone to sharpen your knife from time to time. Ideally most professionals will have a 300# – 500# grit whetstone for repairing chips and more sever damage, a 700# – 1000# grit whetstone to sharpen and a 3000#+ whetstone for polishing. We have a selection of great whetstones and Honing steels from top brands like Suehiro, Naniwa and others. Get yourself a set and stay sharp. If you not sure about how to care for your kitchen knives check out our cooking school series on kitchen knives.

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