Tojiro Santoku 180mm - Senkou series

Tojiro Japan
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The first knife you pick up when you start culinary school is usually a very dull, poor quality chef's knife. You seem to be sharpening it every five minutes and you very quickly begin to yearn for something better. The reason is that, in western kitchens, the chef's knife is the traditional knife of choice for general purpose tasks. However, in recent years we have begun to view the Japanese Santoku as a better choice. The Santoku has a more agile, shorter length, but maintains many of the features that make chef's knives so versatile.

The blade on the Tojiro Senkou has a core of VG10 super steel, which is produced in Japan by the Takefu Special Steel Co. Ltd. VG10 has become the leading steel in kitchen knife production over the past few year because it strikes a good balance between edge retention and sharpen-ability. You will still need a good set of whetstones and a honing steel to maintain this knife, as is the case with all knives, but you wont be constantly sharpening the blade and VG10 can certainly hold a much sharper edge than your typical supermarket chef's knife.

The handle is no slouch either. Constructed out of hygienic FDA approved Micarta, which is suitable for both home and professional use. Tojiro have given the Senkou series one of the most iconic handles around. It has super comfortable, ergonomic form that is certain to reduce fatigue during the long hours of prep that professional chef's are used to.

The Tojiro Santoku is just as impressive when comes to style. Opening the box the 63 layer Damascus cladding on the blade is going to be the first thing that catches your attention. Its simply stunning and matches perfectly with Senkou series Micarta handle with its exposed full tang. If you are looking to upgrade your chef's knife do yourself a favor and try out the Tojiro Santoku.

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VG10 Super Steel
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